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I DON'T sell my bootlegs !

1/ Write BOOTLEGS in your mail's subject (moreover if it's the first trade together)
2/ Concerning Mp3s quality : min 128 (I prefer 192)
3/ Tell me please if there is problem(s) on the bootleg (sound, song missing, no DAO ...)
4/ Don't burn anything until you receive a mail with "OK, we're going to trade !"
5/ Always send first when you mail me (concerning at least the first trade together)
6/ Burn your CD in Disk at Once (I hate the 2 seconds gap between each song)
7/ Use ONLY good CDr or DVDr (brand names like sony, tdk, verbatim or Memorex …)
8/ Don't write on cd's or dvd's
9/ Don't send cases (but protect the cds the more you can)
10/ Don't forget that I've got a life after bootlegs !

Some other things I want to add :
- Concerning DATA (MP3, LOSSLESS, Video), I prefer DVDR than CDR
- My masters are often still on MD, so I need time to sort them as a CD, in other words BE PATIENT !
- I don't trade easily my masters except against masters (or very rare bootlegs)

If you agree with all of this, you are ready to contact me ... and trade together will be a pleasure !